Back on-line

Company Oct 3, 2020

After few years, "thanks to COVID-19", I'm bringing back on-line my blog.

I've first brought back my most popular posts.

I hope to take time to write new ones.

The platforms

For those who are interested, this time the blog is running on Ghost behind an NGINX.

My first intent was to use Ghost as headless CMS but as it is not my job to write frontend (AKA I'm too lazy) and Ghost built-in front-end was more thant OK, I've decided to "re"start with Ghost only...

NGINX is used as front-end to ensure some security features like:

  • SSL layer, it is responsible to redirect clients to https URLs and to renew the Let's Encrypt certificate
  • It protects the admin URLs of  Ghost back-end with client certificate authentication
  • Redirect error pages

Ghost is mainly used as back-end but with the integrated front-end features.

  • From day-1, very few tuning as been done
  • In the future, I might work on a different theme but it is certainly not the main goal... I'm a Network Engineer before all... ;)

Learnt from past...

Everything is running on virtualized environments

  • NGINX is running on a qemu VM dedicated to security. All the config is backed up on my home NAS
  • Ghost is running on a private multi-purpose Docker host and content is backed up to my home NAS


Christophe Lemaire

Christophe is network and security engineer for more than 20 years. He has always been eager to learn new technologies and to share them with his peers. He's always happy to help, so don't hesitate...

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